2015 Burning Man Annual Report

Photo Credits

Homepage Header

Fire Spinner at the Midway Freak Show
Photo by Bill Klemens

Lights on the Playa
Photo by Michael Rauner

The Events in Black Rock City Header

The Man at the Midway
Photo by Rick Egan

Arts and Civic Engagement Header

Welcome to the Midway
Photo by Gary Draluck

Totem of Confessions by Michael Garlington
Photo by Keith Aeschliman

Mazu Goddess of The Empty Sea
Photo by Gurpreet Chawla

Making Herstory - Oklahoma City
Photo by Lena Kahder

Global Network Header

Temple by David Best, commissioned and produced by Artichoke.
Photo by Josh Lease

Education Header

Larry Harvey
Photo by Daniel Kindstrand

Stuart Mangrum at GLC
Photo by Chuck Revell

Photo by Chuck Revell

Carnival Entrance
Photo by Rick Egan

The Gathered Group
Photo by John Curley

Participation Header

A Stray Bunny
Photo by James Wynd

Portrait of Maha Laxmi Grace
Photo by Gary Draluck

Dust Storm Celebrations .
Photo by Jared Mechaber

Trojan Horse by Douglas Bevans.
Photo by NK Guy

Gifting Header

Live by Laura Kimpton
Photo by Gurpreet Chawla

Financial Highlights Header

Spinning Wool
Photo by Scott London

Fire Torch
Photo by Zipporah Lomax